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Our Story.

In 2006, Sandy worked in a Small Church in Citrus Heights, CA as the Food Ministry Director, feeding & employing the homeless of the community. The supplies were limited & someone mentioned "What about Grant Writing?" In May of 2009 Grants by Sandy was birthed with the sole purpose to find the money for small Nonprofits to supply their needs. Over the years we have added so many services as our Clients came to us with needs for Starting Your Own Nonprofit, Annual Tax Filings, Grant Writing & so many more. We've done this so that our Clients did not have to go elsewhere & give their trust to strangers. Most of our Clients have been with us for 5+ years. Grants by Sandy stands out because we offer affordable pricing to 1,000's across the United States. Our greatest purpose is to leave a legacy footprint on the hearts of everyone involved in the Nonprofits we are blessed to serve!.

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