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About Us

Angels & Outlaws, Inc.

About us:

Angels & Outlaws, Inc., a 501c3 Nonprofit founded in 2019. The driving force behind this team is to positively impact the lives of individuals affected by addiction and incarceration through basic needs, messages of hope, resources, and outreach in Eastern Idaho (District 7). Both of the founding members understand firsthand what the devastation & turmoil both addiction & incarceration bring, the heartaches of families left behind, and the consequences of being held accountable for those actions.

Many times, the families of addicts do not expect when incarceration is going to hit when their loved one will be taken away, and to what great capacity of the void will take place once they are gone (either through jail, prison, hospital, rehab, or death). Angels & Outlaws, Inc. stands for these families proudly, willing & able to jump in & gather resources to assist those left behind and/or transitioning. These families and individuals need love, they need hope, they need encouragement & direction from those who know firsthand what their world looks like.

Ready to make a HUGE difference?

Contact Us:

Community Outreach Director-Sandy Frew

P.O. Box 1384
Idaho Falls, ID

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