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Angels & Outlaws, Inc.
"A Beacon of Hope in East Idaho"

We understand all too well that we are only one wrong choice from being in a completely different place.

“Do not look down your heads at those below you, for one day, they might just be the ones who you look up to!”

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Welcome to Angels & Outlaws, Inc.: A Compassionate Force in East Idaho.

At Angels & Outlaws, Inc., we are more than an organization – we are a lifeline in East Idaho, dedicated to transforming lives affected by incarceration and addiction. Founded in 2019, our mission goes beyond mere assistance; we strive to ignite hope and foster sustainable change.

Our Mission: Empowerment and Compassionate Aid

Our two-pronged mission focuses on:

1. Empowerment: We aid those transitioning from incarceration back into society, providing the essential support and resources needed for a hopeful and sustainable reintegration.

2. Compassionate Aid: We extend our hands to families grappling with the impact of addiction and incarceration, filling the emotional and practical voids in their lives.

Envisioning a World of Second Chances

We dream of a community where second chances are real—where people affected by addiction and incarceration are met with opportunities for rehabilitation and growth, not judgment. We work towards healing and thriving families, previously torn apart by these life challenges.

Our Impactful Goals

1. Care Packages: We prepare and distribute care packages brimming with workforce essentials, easing the transition into community life for individuals exiting the IDOC program.

2. Collaboration and Referrals: Through strong partnerships with local organizations, we amplify our reach and impact.

3. Family Support: We actively support families left behind, providing essential resources and emotional backing.

4. Awareness and Advocacy: We are committed to increasing understanding and support within the community for these critical issues.

Empower and Embrace Project
This initiative is central to our mission. We concentrate on:

Reintegration Support: Assisting post-incarceration individuals, reducing recidivism.

Holiday and Urgent Support: Offering vital resources during key moments.

Economic Independence: Promoting job readiness with support like work attire and transportation.

Immediate Necessities: Providing groceries, clothing, hygiene items, and utility bill aid.

Our Impact Tells the Story

Direct Support: Annually, we reach over 200 families, offering meaningful aid.

Economic Empowerment: We help foster financial independence, thus strengthening the local economy.

Community Health: Our efforts contribute to the overall enhancement of community well-being.

About Us: More than an Organization

Rooted in genuine experiences, our founders understand the chaos of addiction and incarceration. We don't just sympathize – we empathize and act. Our belief: "We are only one wrong choice away from a different path. Never look down on others; they might be the ones you look up to one day."


Join Our Circle of Change

Your involvement can make a world of difference. Whether you're seeking assistance, eager to collaborate, or can refer someone in need, your contribution is crucial. Explore our work, learn about our mission, and discover how you can be part of this profound journey.

We're Here – Reach Out!

Connect with us to learn more, get involved, or offer support. At Angels & Outlaws, Inc., we stand together – today, tomorrow, and always.

Angels & Outlaws, Inc.: Empathy in Action, Hope in Every Step.


Ready to make a HUGE difference?

Contact Us:


Michael Adams-Frew



Community Outreach Director

Sandy Frew

P.O. Box 1384
Idaho Falls, ID

Angels & Outlaws, Inc. is registered 
with the IRS & State as a 501c3...
EIN: 92-2384918

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